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Geo and ski mountaineering

In Italy, discover Europe's first "lift-free" ski resort In the heart of the Italian Alps, Homeland ski resort, considered the first "lift-free" resort in Europe, offers adventurers the chance to climb 11 marked routes surrounding the village of Montespluga.

Geo and ski mountaineering
Launched in January 2023, the Homeland ski resort, located near the Italian village of Montespluga, is considered to be the first “lift-free” resort in Europe, reports the Financial Times.

In order to replace the towing facilities, the official website of the Italian resort indicates that the entire area surrounding Montespluga "thus becomes an immense 'slope' to be climbed and descended, either independently or accompanied by guides alpine".

11 possible routes
As Tristan Kennedy, an FT journalist based in the Dolomites, explains, ski tourers at Homeland have the opportunity to climb 11 marked uphill routes before descending wherever they please, in a vast area of 36 square kilometers of off-road terrain. -track.

And to enjoy the alpine wonders while trying this experience, the resort offers skiers the opportunity to equip themselves with a kit made up of large touring skis, splitboards, backpacks containing anti-avalanche receivers, a 4-season sleeping bag; as well as a shovel. Something to reassure adventurers ready to face the snowy mountains.

If this ski resort without ski lifts was able to see the light of day, it is thanks to Tommaso Lazzuna and Paolo Pichielo. These two passionate skiers, says the British daily, took advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic to develop this new concept. As the duo attests, the idea came to them after reading an article about the Bluebird Backcountry, a resort reserved for ski touring in Colorado.
Ski touring, a new alternative
The Italian ski industry has suffered severely from the effects of climate change. The British journalist recalls that several resorts had to close and that “nearly 400 ski lifts” were abandoned, according to a March 2023 report from Legambiente, the country's main environmental NGO.

Indeed, Italian resorts tend to rely more on the use of artificial snow than other ski resorts. However, ski lifts and snow cannons consume a colossal amount of energy and harm the environment. According to a post from sustainability site Treehugger, these systems typically run on electricity, and operating a single ski lift for a month "requires the same amount of energy required to power 3.8 homes for one year".

For the pair behind Homeland, their project represents a more sustainable alternative to more traditional and energy-intensive stations.

Make this option more accessible
It is true that ski touring has the unfortunate reputation of being very expensive. Still, Tommaso and Paolo hope to make the sport more accessible by offering more reasonably priced rental kits, Kennedy says.

For example, Homeland has set up a formula at 55 euros per day for a set of skis and boots or 65 euros for a complete avalanche kit.

In addition, the official Homeland website highlights that several introductory days of ski touring are offered to beginners, as well as safety courses with the company Mountain 360 Guides.
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