Homeland Montespluga Madesimo
A project by ASSO Orobica ASD & Spiagames Outdoor Agency
ASSO Orobica ASD — Via Borgo Palazzo, 272, 24126 Bergamo (BG) Italy — P.IVA 02740310160

Assistance for your booking

For help or assistance with your booking you can write to us at info@homeland-explore.it or call us on +39 392 0828696

How can i book an activity?

To book and experience similar experiences firsthand, it is necessary to view the calendar which alternates the different activities, reach the minimum number of participants as indicated in the prospectus, and then book - +39 3920828696 info@homeland-explore.it - by 12.00 of the Wednesday preceding the weekend in question. The calendar is definitive but anyone can request the activation of one of the four different experiences on an "unscheduled" date.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is booking mandatory?

both available places and equipment are limited, therefore booking is mandatory. It must be carried out by 12:00 on the Wednesday before the weekend of the activity.


If you have booked and have an unexpected event, we ask you to kindly notify us in advance via email or telephone. When you are > half an hour before the start at Homeland | Montespluga.

Where exactly

Location Montespluga, Madesimo (SO), Italy.
Park > cross the bridge at the Posta hotel > turn immediately right > continue straight for 50m > reach the blue flags.

What to bring

Identity document, Green Pass (depending on national regulations), clothing and accessories suitable for ski mountaineering and all mandatory equipment (see below).

Eat and drink

our refreshment point is operational: Homeland Foodbox. If you take part in one of our courses you will have access to the menu at a discounted price (€10 hot first course + drink + coffee). Ask our staff for more information.

Cosa serve

serve essere in possesso del kit di sicurezza composto da pala, sonda, artva (funzionante con batterie cariche) + il set completo per la pratica dello scialpinismo/ splitboard (sci/tavola con attacco da risalita, pelli, scarponi, bastoni). È fortemente consigliato un abbigliamento idoneo all’attività svolta. Se hai dubbi, scrivici.

Non possiedo il materiale obbligatorio >

Puoi noleggiarlo presso Homeland | Montespluga.


la disponibilità è limitata ad un range di taglie ed attrezzi, contattaci via email o telefono e ti faremo sapere se abbiamo quello che fa per te.

È disponibile il noleggio degli scarponi?

da Sci SI, da Snowboard NO.

Posso partecipare alle attività se possiedo snowboard + ciaspole?


Posso partecipare alle attività senza attrezzatura obbligatoria?


Ma dove le metto artva pala sonda durante le attività ?

Portati uno zaino sportivo da casa (consigliato da 20/30 litri).

How much does it cost?

Each activity has a different cost. Please browse our catalog on this site.

When should i pay?

Payment takes place directly on location before the start of the activity or online by booking through our website.

How should i pay?

Translation result Payment takes place on location via POS or cash, or online on our website via credit card.

Phone / Whatsapp
+39 392 0828696

Montespluga — Madesimo (SO) Italia
A project by ASSO Orobica ASD & Spiagames Outdoor Agency

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