Homeland Montespluga Madesimo
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This area of unexplored land is a homeland, it is Homeland, the place we come from.
Montespluga is a fraction of the municipality of Madesimo, in the province of Sondrio.

Homeland Montespluga Madesimo Ski Freeride
-15% with code "ILMIOGRUPPO" for groups over 4 people -15% with code "ILMIOGRUPPO" for groups over 4 people -15% with code "ILMIOGRUPPO" for groups over 4 people -15% with code "ILMIOGRUPPO" for groups over 4 people

Montespluga | Madesimo

We intend to bring people closer to the practice of skialp or splitboard, as well as offering services and training opportunities to those who already know these disciplines, in the Alpine area, surrounding the Alpine village of Montespluga.

The area surrounding this alpine village in the province of Sondrio, not being affected by ski lifts, offers a pristine amphitheater dominated by peaks exceeding 3,000 metres. All 2 hours' drive from Milan.

Border land, the village of Montespluga intertwines its long history with that of the many merchants and travelers who, traveling along the Via Spluga and passing the pass of the same name, opened their horizons towards Northern Europe as well as towards Italy.

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Sci mountaineering and splitboard

The peculiarity of Homeland is its presence in an area without ski lifts: the entire area surrounding Montespluga therefore becomes a single large "slope" to go up and down, independently following the infographics on our posters or accompanied by Alpine Guides.


Those who participate in "Homeland Montespluga|Madesimo" will be able to rent equipment (boots, skis with bindings for climbing and sealskins, splitboards, snowshoes, backpacks with airbags, safety kit with shovel, probe and ARTVA), participate in courses with guides Alpine.

Summer and winter

The alpine environment in which Homeland is located takes on all the peculiarities of a location that rises 1,908 meters above sea level. Lush pastures with trekking and mountaineering routes in summer are accompanied, in the winter months, by white and immaculate scenery also thanks to the closure of the road pass.

Sci alpinismo splitboard madesimo freeride
Homeland Montespluga Madesimo Ski Freeride

United by a passion for outdoor activities, our partnerships are the starting point for every excursion.
Here is who fuels our energy and supports our commitment:

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