Homeland Montespluga Madesimo
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Advanced Tour

Do you want to reach the most challenging peaks of the Monstespluga area? Do it safely with us!

200,00 € per person
Advanced Tour
Advanced Tour
Advanced Tour
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Prices and details
200,00 € / person
7 hours
Minimo 2 persone
Dates on the calendar
Unfortunately there are no dates scheduled for this activity. You can organize an extra date by contacting us at info@homeland-explore.it or by calling us on +39 392 0828696
High level personalized trips, where in addition to the ascent with skins, mountaineering techniques with crampons and ice ax will be put into play, perhaps in particular conditions linked to dawn or crossing ridges.

It is essential to be a good skier who has no problems on black slopes and has no difficulty overcoming exposed passages. Good athletic preparation linked to the particularity of the environment is essential.
Difficulty level
"Expert": if the mountain calls your name.
Queste attività per escursionisti esperti. Queste attività comportano un alto grado di difficoltà. Gli escursionisti esperti dovrebbero essere ben preparati, con competenze avanzate e una grande consapevolezza del rischio.
Program to be defined based on weather and snow conditions
More details
Ascent: 1800 m
Distance: 10km
Duration: 7 hours
Difficulty: Hard

Examples: Pizzo Suretta 3027 meters, Pizzo Tambò 3,279 meters, Pizzo Ferrè 3,103 m
What is needed?
Complete ski mountaineering set
- skis/splitboards with ski lift attachment (possibly rentable)
- skins (possibly rentable)
- ski mountaineering boots (possibly rentable) or splitboard boots (NOT RENTABLE)
- walking sticks (possibly rentable)

Clothing and accessories suitable for ski mountaineering:
- ski pants and jacket
- sweatshirts and thermal underwear
- gloves
- cap
- sunglasses
- Backpack
- any spare parts
- food and water
- identity document

Safety kit
- shovel (possibly rentable)
- probe (possibly rentable)
- avalanche transceiver (possibly rentable)
Terms, conditions and cost details
We reserve the right to cancel the activity 3 days in advance if the scheduled minimum number of participants is not reached.
Request an extra date

Do you want to organize an activity even if it's not on the calendar?

Anyone who wishes can request the activation of one of the experiences on the weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun) outside the program by requesting it via email/phone. The request must be made by a single group compatibly with the minimum number of participants per activity. The request must be received by the Monday before the weekend of interest.

Get in touch or call us on +39 392 0828696

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