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France TV Talks about Homeland

An eco-sustainable ski resort without ski lifts has been designed in Italy and is the first in Europe

France TV Talks about Homeland
Imagine immense slopes, with 11 marked routes to climb to the top and descend wherever you want! It is possible in Homeland, Italy. Locality in Lombardy without ski lifts. An ecological concept for passionate skiers.

Do you like riding the cable car or the eggs, having a ski lift take you to the top of the slopes? This resort is not for you.

Because in the heart of the Italian Alps there is a ski resort, the first in Europe, without ski lifts.

No sound, just the crunch of snow underfoot. Stadium ? 36 km of powder snow for 11 climbing routes.

Everything is marked and before you let yourself slide you will have to push on your arms and legs. This is the principle of ski mountaineering!

Welcome to Homeland!

If the name of the town Montespluga sounds Italian, the town surrounding it, located on the Swiss border, has more of an English name. “ Homeland ” in French means homeland.

The ideal place for adventurers. And it is precisely ski mountaineering that we are talking about. The station also offers visitors a real kit. Skis, splitboard, i.e. a snowboard cut into two parts, which are used like skis, backpack containing avalanche receivers, four-season sleeping bag, shovel, all the mountaineering equipment is there.

Obviously it's not free: 55 euros a day for a set of ski boots, or 65 euros for a complete avalanche kit.

A station launched in early 2023
The Financial Times traces the history of this very recent station.

The British newspaper presents Tommaso Lazzuna and Paolo Pichielo, two athletes who imagined this concept during the Covid 19 pandemic. Their source of inspiration? Another ski resort located on the other side of the Atlantic. It's in Colorado, called the Bluebird Backcountry. In the United States the station has closed. In Italy the adventure has just begun.

Ecological considerations
The two skiers knew that ski lifts, like snow guns, consume a lot of energy, which is harmful to the environment. With this concept the mountain takes on its full meaning.

The silence, the snow, the democratization of ski mountaineering. Skiing where the slopes are worth it!
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