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"La prealpina .it" dedicates an article to Homeland

In the snow between skialp and splitboard!

"La prealpina .it" dedicates an article to Homeland
The services offered by Homeland in the Alpine area of Montespluga: an amphitheater dominated by peaks exceeding 3,000 meters

Is there still time to learn the basics of ski mountaineering and do some snowshoeing? Yes. Thanks to the mega snowfall at the beginning of February, in fact, at high altitude, where the melting has not yet begun, there is still a fair blanket of snow. And not far from Varesotto, an excellent formula for approaching the practice of skialp and following its many training activities can take place through Homeland (homeland-explore.it) which intends to bring people closer to the practice of skialp and splitboard and offer services and training for those who already know these disciplines, in the Alpine area of Montespluga (fraction of Madesimo, province of Sondrio).

The area surrounding this alpine village, not being affected by ski lifts, offers a pristine amphitheater dominated by peaks that exceed 3,000 meters above sea level. Here you feel at home in an environment that is everything but home, experiencing a sensation that only happens a few times in life. In this case, you will move freely in an uncontaminated territory, counting only on yourself. And it is precisely on this concept that Homeland takes shape, bringing the novice closer to the practice of ski mountaineering, educating him on safety directly in the field. But not only.

Reading the slopes, the influence of the wind on the snow, the maneuvers and behaviors to follow are just part of what Homeland, in collaboration with the group of local mountain guides "mountain360", wants to offer to beginners . The proposal includes excursions organized on multiple levels of difficulty, where you can explore the amphitheater of peaks surrounding the alpine village of Montespluga at 360 degrees.

We start with the Safety camps: workshops and specific courses to better understand and deal with a risk situation, subsequently putting what has been learned into practice. Lush pastures with trekking and mountaineering routes in the summer are accompanied, in the winter months, by a white and immaculate scenery, also thanks to the closure of the road pass that connects Val Chiavenna and Valle Spluga to Switzerland and Splugen.

You can then try the Homeland Night Camps: simulations of real alpine expeditions. Spending the night in a camp prepared together with the guides, because waking up with a perfect Alpine style breakfast in preparation for an excursion at the first light of dawn, is priceless. And again: snowshoeing (some at night) and tailor-made days organized for groups and companies.

Those who participate in "Homeland Montespluga - Madesimo" will be able to rent equipment (boots, skis with bindings for climbing and sealskins, splitboards, snowshoes, backpacks with airbags, safety kit with shovel, probe and ARTVA) and participate in courses with guides alpine.
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