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From the Podcast of "IL DOLOMITI" "The mountain is free for us"

Montespluga is the first destination that focuses on ski mountaineering: "We also teach people to see the dangers" Homeland director Walter Bossi is the guest of this episode of "Da Quassù", the Dolomiti podcast created by Marta Manzoni. In Montespluga the first outpost in Europe entirely designed for ski mountaineering

From the Podcast of "IL DOLOMITI" "The mountain is free for us"
Fonte: Il Dolomiti

TRENT. "It's an idea born in the Covid period", these are the words of Walter Bossi, director of Homeland, the first outpost in Europe designed exclusively for ski mountaineering. "The events were blocked and we sat down on a video call to discuss the trend of alpine skiing and the rapid growth of ski mountaineering. So we decided to focus on this discipline".

An idea implemented last year through the know-how of Spia Games, an agency from Bergamo. Company specialized in organizing events and with several partnerships with high-level outdoor brands behind it. An experience and know-how which, thanks to the limitations and restrictions caused by the pandemic, led to focusing on Homeland at that moment

In the new episode of "Da Quassù", the Il Dolomiti podcast created by Marta Manzoni, the guest is Walter Bossi, director of Homeland. "The project focuses on ski mountaineering in an unexplored territory like Montespluga. We are aimed at all beginners and enthusiasts but also at all people looking for adventure". A destination launched last year and which has relaunched an area. "The mountain is free for us, there is no charge for access."

  A destination, that of Homeland, which intends to bring people closer to the practice of skialp or splitboard, as well as offering services and training opportunities to those who already know these disciplines, in the alpine area, surrounding the alpine village of Montespluga, a town on the border between Lombardy and Switzerland.

  The area has 11 uphill routes and 36 kilometers of trails for different modes of use. To complete the offer, safety courses and introduction days to skialp for beginners. You can follow the infographics or rely on mountain guides.

The station has equipment rental, as well as sleeping bags, backpacks with airbags, safety kit with shovel, probe and Artva. And it offers various experiences: snowshoeing, safety camp, ski touring and first steps but "during the outings we also provide the basics of nivology but also training on how to read the slopes and recognize potential dangers", concludes Bossi.
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