Homeland Montespluga Madesimo
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Even Internzionale talks about Homeland!

Sustainable skiing. In Montespluga, in Lombardy, there is the first ski area without ski lifts. Sealskins for climbing and descending on fresh snow

Even Internzionale talks about Homeland!
“The old smugglers would have liked it,” Giacomo Casiraghi tells us as the clouds approach and the snow begins to fall in heavy flakes. We are on a ski excursion and we are on the Spluga pass, on the border between Italy and Switzerland. A frontier surrounded by three thousand meter peaks that we cannot see now. During the climb Casiraghi tells us that the smugglers were waiting for weather conditions like these to hide in the village of Montespluga, which is just further down the valley. “Every now and then they were discovered by the police and were forced to abandon the load. Many here say that in these mountains, if you know where to look, you can still find treasures."
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